This is the web page for the Laboratory of Plant Anatomy and Development – UFG-Jataí.

Our research group is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms

associated with plant development processes.


 The main biological topics under study are:

- (I) Development of lateral plant organs (vegetative and reproductive);

- (II) Induction of in vitro morphogenetic programs (somatic embryogenesis and de novo organogenesis). 


We use a multidisciplinary approach and apply different types of microscopy and

physiological and molecular techniques to gain insights about the mechanisms that

underline the plant development programs.


Where we are

Our group is part of the Bioscience Institute, at the Federal University of Goiás – Jataí



Laboratory of Plant Anatomy and Development

Universidade Federal de Goiás - Regional Jataí

Instituto de Biociências 

BR 364, km 195, nº 3800 - Cidade Universitária

CEP 75.801-615 Jataí-GO, Brazil